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From our fields to your table, quality and tradition.

Our natural environnment.

We feed our cows with only products from the certified Parmigiano Reggiano production zone, with its climate suitable for the production of quality cheese.

The real stars of the show.

Our farm, a few kilometers from the dairy, has over 600 heads of property.

A milk production of excellent quality that respect the highest standard of Cow-Comfort.


The expertise of our cheese-makers, the result of decades of experience passed down from father to son, is the irreplaceable and essential factor in the production of our Parmigiano Reggiano

A long wait ..

A slow seasoning that takes place exclusively in our warehouses, where more than 60 thousand wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano rest.

But it is well worth it!!

And here it is finally ready, in the seasonings you like most, Delicate maximum 18 months, Premium 30 months and shortly over 40 months!

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