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A small masterpiece EVERY day!

Copper vats

Skimmed milk from the evening milking and freshly milked milk from the morning are combined in the typical copper vats.

Here comes the Mastro Casaro, who with a pinch of 100% natural rennet, a few liters of whey that containing live lactic ferments and an experience handed down from father to son gives life to the main product of our land.

In fascera

We apply a unique and progressive number that will accompany the form just like an identity card.
After a few hours, we insert a special branding cases that affects the shape of the month and year of production, the serial number that distinguishes our dairy and the unmistakable PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO dot lettering on the whole crust.

Production process salting

A few days after placing in the plastic casing, nature comes to our aid.

The wheel meet salt, used for hundreds of centuries as a 100% natural preservative!

It is a salting by absorption which in just under a month ends the production cycle and opens the long seasoning cycle.

Seasoning process

In the peace and quite of our warehouses the wheel are placed in long lines.
We leave them to the rest on wodden table, where the exterior of the cheeses dries and a 100% natural crost forms: without treatments, therefore completely edible.

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